Founded in 1995, eCycleSecure delivers customized best practice solutions for every aspect of the Surplus Asset value chain. We deliver seamless recycling and repurposing of end of life and out of use equipment that is no longer of service to our clients. eCycleSecure provides certified and compliant secure computer disposal, data destruction and electronics recycling for all classes of equipment, including information technology, telecommunications, entertainment, medical and non-electronic equipment.

For more than 25 years we have been surpassing the expectations of our clients who range from small businesses to the Fortune 500, in the Southeast, Across the US, and Globally, including federal, state and local government entities, universities, software and data service companies, manufacturers, and hospital systems. Everything we do is centered on our core belief that it is critical to maximize value and reduce cost for our clients while properly managing data and disposing of materials in compliance with organization, industry, local, state, federal, and international regulations.


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electronic recycling

eCycleSecure is committed to the responsible recycling of electronic materials and adheres to the highest industry standards, with respect to the collection, transportation, segregation, destruction, reuse, recovery and disposal of electronics and the destruction of digital data. Accordingly, eCycleSecure is an industry leading electronics recycling company that continues to develop, improve and refine its Environmental, Health and Safety Management System to provide competitive, credible and reliable service to its customers and the communities in which it operates.